Remote Patient Monitoring
for Assisted Living

Keeping residents healthy and staff connected.

What is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)?

Use of devices to monitor many common chronic conditions, falls, and to provide 24-7 emergency response. RPM is a comprehensive health monitoring system to monitor many common chronic conditions, falls, and provide a 24-7 emergency response team. RPM allows a care team to watch for trends so risk factors can be flagged before a medical event occurs. Data can then be used to prioritize residents who need care. It’s like having your own nurse in the room with you at all times.

How does it work?

We have a full product line used to measure your predetermined health vitals at  your facility. Our products include a telehealth hub and local pendant for connecting with our team, a pulse ox, and a mobile GPS fall detection pendant that can go anywhere. 

This information is sent electronically to the LifeLight System’s Clinical Dashboard where it is reviewed by a licensed medical provider. If trends emerge and any information is of concern, LifeLight will contact you directly to discuss next steps.

Who is RPM for?

Our RPM program is set up primarily for assisted living residents who are covered under Medicare to help in monitoring long-term health, acute and chronic illnesses, and a resident’s well being.

LifeLight Systems will work with a facility to make sure a device is in every room for qualifying participants. Our team members explain the program to the residents and will enroll each participant. 

What about fall detection?

Undetected falls are one of the most common worries and realities with residents in assisted living. Our mobile medical alert system provides gps fall detection everywhere the resident goes, on or off the facility grounds, providing alerts to providers of any accidents and the exact location of the fall. Our device allows for ­the resident to speak directly to our team with a push of a button.

Lifelight Systems

How LifeLight Systems Enhances Care

Our team and our products work as an extension of a facilities care team without increasing costs or being a burden to your staff. For residents of assisted living, this translates into many benefits, including:

Preventative Care

Enhanced care of residents through RPM allows for earlier detection and a reduction in ER visits. Watching for daily trends prevents many health problems from escalating by being able to immediately address early symptoms.

Social Engagement

Resident interaction helps manage social-emotional health.

Peace of Mind

As an extension of your staff, we improve efficiency in resident care and provide secure, ever-present connectivity with those with love.