Who we are.

LifeLight Systems was founded by two individuals struggling with the challenges of being caregivers for aging parents and balancing those efforts with work and family. Finding ways to help protect, monitor, and stay involved with a parent’s aging issues is a strain over 13 million caregivers will face with that number growing to over 25 million in the next 5 years. The caregiver anxiety and stress fueled a company designed to bring solutions that ease the juggling act and communication concerns. We have applied innovative technology – including GPS tracking, active monitoring, and a family portal – to stay involved in the Health and Wellness of aging seniors. LifeLight Systems has created a simple, thoughtful, easy to apply plan allowing families to know their parents and loved ones are safe, connected and protected.

LifeLight Systems’ solutions simply integrate current technology making life easier for today’s seniors and their caregivers. We address the concerns and make it easy for our parents to live more confident, active and healthy lives.

Leadership Team

Mickey Gross

Senior Vice President


Susan Feldman

Director of Communications


Todd Franz



Michael Nead

Director of Marketing