RPM Benefits

LifeLight Systems protection gives you data-driven peace of mind.

LifeLight System

For Facility and For Patient:

Did you know that nearly 25% of high-risk patients are back in the hospital within 30 days of discharge? That is correct: Discharged patients are often vulnerable to recurrence of health issues. However, changes in your vitals can sometimes happen before another medical event takes place. By making RPM part of your facility, we can often detect issues before they become major events. Studies suggest that RPM can help*:

  • Reduce hospital admissions by 38%
  • Reduce emergency room visits by 25%
  • Reduce readmissions by 25%
  • Improve patients health by 13%
  • Detect Covid 19 symptoms and prevent hospitalizations

An emergency room visit is 12 times more expensive than a physician office visit, according to data from United Healthcare Group. Keeping patients out of the emergency department drives down healthcare costs.

Keeping residents health means less turnover at facilities saving owners thousands of dollars. On average, an empty room in an assisted living facility means an average $10,000 – $12,000 in lost revenue per month/per room.

Additional Benefits:

  • Caregivers feel more secure
  • COVID-19 detection: With the average at 100 residents per facility, seniors are vulnerable to any common virus including COVID 19. Monitoring daily oxygen levels, temperature, cough, and shortness of breath all help determine whether a resident needs additional care or hospitalization.
  • AI through RPM provides socialization opportunities which help the mental health of aging residents including better mood, memory, and cognition.
  • There are no additional costs to a facility and to qualifying residents when monitoring chronic and acute medical conditions covered under Medicare.
  • We can help your staff manage and monitor the health of your residents. Every product is designed to protect, monitor and care for a senior adult.
  • Most of our products function by pressing a single button making them easy to use for senior adults.
  • Use our all of our devices together ensures confidence to live a full life.
  • Each device provides health data which is delivered instantaneously via our cloud based secure system
  • Our devices monitor several key health indicators which can alert a physician of potential risks before they become serious.
  • Patented GPS and WiFi technologies with our fall device can pinpoint the exact location of any falls or emergencies encouraging our customers to be active and stay active.
  • Our mobile pendant and our hub feature 2-way voice communication with our full-time US-based monitoring team.
  • Simplified audible instructions for the hub and fall devices.
  • Industry-leading Fall Technology in case of any emergency.
  • Smart Charging for Mobile Pendant and Telehealth Hub with a 3 day back up battery.